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Web Platforms Design

The design of web sites and portals is one of the main activities carried out by CRMEDIA – Multimedia Solutions for years with professionalism and seriousness. The main objective is to listen to the customer and identify its objectives, in order to develop a solution tailored to his own needs. Whatever the size of the product identified, the customer will have a solution that will allow you to:

promote their image
advertise their products
describe the services offered
develop new forms of contact with customers / users
increase the volume of business
providing ongoing and timely
have a daily presence 24 hours 24
get feedback on the interest from users via control statistics

Design and web development service are structured according to this offer:

  • Minisite

(the minisite is the product for those companies that need to quickly promote a product or service on a single page, providing its customers with the ability to send requests using a form to fill out online)

  • Static website

(it’s the ideal product for the customers who want to begin offering their own web presence without making major investments and don’t need to update the content regularly. They can always make updates to pages through our support)

  • Dynamic website

(when the client has the need to frequently update the content, or want to have control on other aspects of the management of their web site, this type of product is the ideal solution. Through special control panel, the user has a complete management to be able to post new articles, products, images, etc.. always can be requested our intervention, but is always present for technical updates and sistemistici platform)

  • E-commerce website

(This type of product allows the company to sell directly to the customer or their products or services on the web through different payment systems. Similar to the dynamic site, you can have control over content, allowing them to update the articles, services , news, send information to registered customers, etc.. Again, our intervention may be required, but is always present for technical updates and sistemistici platform)

  • Catalog website

(when the client needs to have an attractive catalog of its products or services, with detailed, without implementing payment systems such as in the e-commerce websites, you can choose this type of product that allows you to have total autonomy in managing and updating content. presence remains for our technical updates of the platform)

  • Portal website

(when the needs and size of the company are such as to require a website with a complex structure, it is obligatory choice for this type of product. E possible to request details for this type of web site using the inquiry form on the page contact us)

  • Blog

(This type of product allows the customer or the company to have their own space where providing constant updates on news and events of interest)

  • Forum

(the forum is a type of product that allows you to create a website or a section in a manner that can be provided exchanged messages – especially with customers and potential customers for support, information, previews of products / services, etc.., and interactively).

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