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How We Work

Before contacting us, please take a look how we design and develop a product for you

icon how we workCRMEDIA is a web agency focused on ICT solutions. In particular, CRMEDIA specializes in the designdevelopment and implementation of multimedia applicationsweb platforms, e-learning  solutions.

CRMEDIA helps its clients find the right solution to promote their image on the web.

To comply with the delivery time and on budget, CRMEDIA applies a proven methodology in the design of web portals and execution of services that revolve in the world of multimedia. This allows you to perform the work with professionalism and seriousness, and above all to complete them on time and on budget with the customer.

Whatever the size of the project, CRMEDIA provides for the development and implementation of web sites a life cycle with the following steps:

Requirements Analysis
Information Architecture Design
Interaction Design
Interface Design
Content Development
Evaluation of Usability and Accessibility
Delivery and User Training

How much time is given for the product / service you have chosen?

Delivery times will depend a lot on when the customer delivers the material to carry out the work itself.

CRMEDIA intends to carry out the work to the rules of art which, once accepted the quote and signed the contract with the footnote that describes briefly what work includes the project to be carried out, the coaching staff involves the client at different stages: from ‘requirements analysis to the proposed layout of graphs, the various stages of testing and acceptance of the various features implemented until the delivery of the material (text, images, videos, etc..) necessary for the completion of the project.

Generally for the contract, the work is delivered within 90 days, but times can also be much shorter if the material is delivered and the time of acceptance of the various phases are equally tight.

How is the signature of the contract? I have to send a hard copy?

Once you accept the quote for a service / product offered by CRMEDIA Multimedia Solutions, the customer is invited at the office to sign an agreement with a note attached to the work; in case of inability on the part of the customer, you can send a signed copy to the headquarters of CRMEDIA Multimedia Solutions, keeping one for themselves.

Once the work delivered to the customer, CRMEDIA Multimedia Solutions issuer of the invoice and delivery to the customer, even sending by email as required by law. And well then provide an email address (even certified mail) valid and working.

Billing is monthly or yearly?


Depending on the provider partner CRMEDIA Multimedia Solutions, billing for hosting plans and annual advance. The services related to web packages, those related to multimedia communication and additional ones are billed at the time of activation of the same.
That duration and maturity have optional services purchased during the contract?

Additional services are annual unless otherwise stated on the contract with CRMEDIA Multimedia Solutions; payment for such services is annual and anticipated. In the event of non-renewal or termination of the contract, additional services are disabled along with it.

When my contract expires?

In general, any contract entered into a one year, unless otherwise stated. The contract is tacitly renewed unless the client does not send registered A / R at least 30 days before the annual expiration in progress at the headquarters of CRMEDIA Multimedia Solutions or email PEC, at the request of the customer.

The site is reported on the search engines?


Sure! Every activity of planning and development of web packages also includes the determination of keywords, agreed with the customer. This is done by analyzing the market and competition then takes place the insertion of the major search engines to get a natural positioning.

And possible to request the service of web marketing advanced, with an additional cost with budgeted amounts for the various packages.

In the future, as is the site updated?

It depends on the type of package selected web: in the case of a Static Website updates can be performed on the information content of the technical staff of CRMEDIA and user’s request for a cost estimate.

In the case of a Dynamic Website, the user has total autonomy in the management of content, being able to edit pages and articles (text, images, links, videos, attachments, etc.).. User’s request and based on the estimated cost, staff CRMEDIA can make updates on the information content on behalf of the same client.

In addition to this last type of product web CRMEDIA contract to make updates sistemistici; from the second year onwards, the service system support base is made ​​on the basis of an annual fee agreed with the customer.

Instead, updates, insertion / design or implementation of new features or changes to the structure of the menus or the graphical layout can only be performed after evaluation of the technical staff of CRMEDIA, which will provide the estimate of the work to the customer

Updates are included in the packages the web?


In the web packages such as the Mini-site, the Mobile Website and the Website with static mobile version by nature are packages that can be updated only by the technical staff of CRMEDIA. If you need to update your content, CRMEDIA can provide a quote to the customer with the related costs, usually low for the type of product.

In the case of packages the web site as a dynamic, customer is totally autonomous in the management of content that can update whenever he wants. In this kind of product, are included in the first year of updates sistemistici basic (patching”), are required to correct any bugs, security patches, etc.. From the second year, CRMEDIA offers the basic service upgrade ‘system as part of a package with a price to be agreed.

E can also have other types of assistance (systems engineering and content update) by requiring staff to CRMEDIA information, details and any costs using the form to request this information in the “Contact Us” or by using the other contact information.

Is the web hosting service included in the packages?


No, the hosting service provided by another provider partners CRMEDIA and has a separate cost and must be renewed annually in order to have your own website up. CRMEDIA in the estimate indicates the hosting service best suited to the package selected web with its cost.

Which solution is best for me: a static website or a dynamic website?


These are two different solutions: depends mainly on the need to update information content provider.

The static website is a solution for the customer who wants to set up a sort of showcase or want a brochure of their products / services and must occasionally update the content (which can only be carried out by the staff of CRMEDIA). Instead, the dynamic website is a web platform that allows the client to update the content whenever you want, with access to a control panel with pre-assigned username and password.

If the quote you sent me is too high?


CRMEDIA staff is always available to the customer to find the best solution to the demands indicated. In the case in which the estimate indicated by CRMEDIA is too high, the customer may be advised by the staff of a product or package similar in characteristics but with a different price.

In any case, CRMEDIA also offers customers the ability to make deferred payments in agreed installments.

How much is a website?


It hard to give a very precise answer because every web project or multimedia communication is tailored to the needs of the customer, business, professional or private that is. However, the cost can vary from a minimum of 99 for the product web easier than the Mini-site, excluding the cost needed for hosting
And is it possible to get a quote?

Sure! The staff of CRMEDIA Multimedia Solutions is fully available to the potential customers and usual to find a solution to the problems posed and to provide advice. And possible to get a quote only after analyzing the requirements: the best way is to make an appointment at the study site in the province of Lecce, Via della Libertà n. ° 84 in Montesano Salentino using the following numbers:
Phone: +39.0833.762712
Fax: +39.0833.762712 / +39.0832.1831632
Mobile: +39.331.3830994
Email: info@crmedia.mobi
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Alternatively, you can always use the contact details above to provide the specifications and requirements of the maximum, so you have a project aimed at achieving the objectives of the client.